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Betsie Wolford Owner of Balancing Books LLC


Betsie Wolford

 Certified Bookkeeper

I have been helping individuals, businesses, and nonprofits balance their finances for more than seven years. I am passionate about helping small business owners manage their cash flow and feel less stress when it comes to finance. I believe that organized finances are the first step to an organized life/business.


Clean Up Your Books

  • Organize your messy books from years past and get your business finances back on track. 

Monthly Bookkeeping, Reconciliation, and Reporting

  • Bookkeeping and maintenance, using Quickbooks.

  • Categorize and create budgets to help you stay profitable and manage your true costs.

  • Generate and share reports on your schedule, (weekly, monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly) and give you suggestions to show how your business is doing financially, and to help with making big money decisions.

Employee Payroll

Seamless and accurate business payroll using Quickbooks, Gusto, or Paylocity so you can focus on growth and innovation.


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